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Change "Spain" to be the "In Program"

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Spain is a wonderful song that the "Cuba Jazz Band" plays in their extensive repertoire of wonderful songs that they will take the Cuba Trip, which will occur in the Spring Break of 2018.

Currently, for the school assembly, the in-program song (or the song that everyone hears, as they're not busy walking into/out of the gym) is "Sway". "Spain" is currently set as the "Recessional". A spot I don't think it deserves. 

While "Sway" is also an amazing song, that features our fantastic vocalist, I personally feel that the high energy and dynamic contrast of "Spain" is just the right choice for this assembly.


If we do manage to convince Mr. Mitchell to change it to Spain, I will personally insure the following will occur:

  1. The alto saxophones will be nailing those sweet juicy solos. While we've come a long way, there's still some polishing up to do.
  2. Sarah Tisdale will practice over the weekend. Currently, as she is in the play, she's very busy. This is completely understandable. Her prioritizing the play over the Cuba rehearsals is the difficult truth that we all have to deal with. However, as the last performance is Saturday, she can take some time out of her weekend to practice the song. She may be tired, but I will convince her that she should practice with the power of persuasion and candy.
  3. There will be *no* technical difficulties. I have some contacts the Tech Team *cough* Ben *cough*. I will convince him that this performance is the star of the assembly, and that he should invest time in making sure that everything runs smoothly. 


However, I do acknowledge that this may not be everyone's opinion. If you disagree, you can kindly reply in the comments on why "Spain" is the incorrect choice. I don't not wish to force my opinion on anyone. I just want to express my concern, as I think many of my fellow "Cuba Jazz Band" players have the same ideals.

But, if you do agree, please sign the petition. With enough signatures, we can get an official response from Chris Mitchell, a music teacher who's coordinating this trip, and who's also a respected trumpet player for the VSO.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look over this petition. I hope that together, we can come to an agreement where all parties are satisfied. While this isn't always the case in history (Paris Peace Conference), philosopher George Santayana said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", and I can guarantee that everyone in the Cuba Jazz Band has learned about the Paris Peace Conference, as everyone has taken Grade 10 Socials.


Tai Zhang

Grade 10 Southridge Student - Alto Saxophonist.


Listen to "Spain" here.

Listen to "Sway" here.


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