Dangerous traffic in Orange Lane is putting our children at risk

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Traffic turning left from Orange Street into Orange Lane is putting our children and their carers at risk of serious harm. It has to be stopped before someone is seriously hurt.

The HPS, and HPS2018 Kindy WeChat groups have over 400 members. Recently many members have raised the issue of vehicles illegally turning left into Orange Lane from Orange Street and endangering pedestrians - students, their very young siblings, their parents, grandparents and other carers. 

So the purpose of this petition is to ask our local state member Mr Chris Minnis to engage with the George’s River Council, RMS, and Hurstville Public School (HPS) to have appropriate traffic management measures put in place as a matter of urgency. 

We also seek Mr Minnis’ assistance in having the NSW Government Employees, who “taxi” Support Unit children to Hurstville Public School (HPS), informed that it is illegal and dangerous to ignore the signs and turn left into Orange Lane. 

In a recent discussion with HPS Principal, Mr Mark Stead, we discussed the possibility of the Support Unit children being dropped in the staff car parks which would be safer for all concerned. 

I take this opportunity to thank Principal Stead for his assistance to date, he has always been prepared to support and act on concerns raised with him by parents of HPS and I know from our discussions he values the safety of all his students and their families.


严重安全隐患——车辆在学校繁忙时间由好事围Orange Street 左转入Orange Lane对学生和家长以及其他接送放学的人员造成了严重的安全隐患。我们要在有人严重受伤以前解决这个问题。

好事围家长群有400多名成员。最近很多家长非常担忧学校大门前有车辆在学校繁忙时间非法由Orange Street 左转入Orange Lane。这对各类行人包括学生、家长、祖父母、以及其携同的年幼弟妹和其他接送放学的人员造成了严重的安全隐患。

我们发起这个请愿活动的目的是请求本地州政府议员Chris Minnis 阁下发起与各相关政府机构包括佐治河市政府、交通局已及好事围小学共同协商,以确保合适的交通管理措施得以刻不容缓地尽快实施。

我们还请求州议员Minnis阁下能够帮助协调与负责特需学生交通部门的沟通,明确指出此部门管理下的车辆非法在学校繁忙时间由好事围Orange Street 左转入Orange Lane对学生和家长以及其他接送放学的人员造成了严重的安全隐患。

最近学生家长代表和好事围小学校长Mark Stead先生商讨了特需学生车辆问题,并建议其使用小学员工停车场出入口进出校区。这样对大家都是更安全的方式。