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Call for the Resignation of Chris McDaniel MS State Senator Dis. 42

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We, the undersigned, voters and residents of the Great State of Mississippi, have been subjected to reprehensible behavior at the hands of Mississippi Senator Christopher McDaniel. Senator McDaniel’s recent social media posts serve as just one example of his pattern and practice of harassing, alienating, demeaning and targeting the women of Mississippi, especially women of color and those affected by poverty. Moreover, and perhaps more troubling, Senator McDaniel has invited his supporters to attack citizens of this state, resulting in death threats. It is clear Senator McDaniel harbors a blatant disregard for the safety and concerns of Mississippi women.

Historically, the Mississippi Legislature and the Governor’s office have disregarded Mississippi residents’ calls to rebuke the hateful diatribe espoused by members of the Legislature. They refused to act when Representative Guice insulted a young mother who asked a simple question about administrative assistance for her child's diabetes. They refused to act when Representative Oliver chastised another constituent that he "could care less," suggesting that she leave the state. This repeated bad behavior is not only swept under the rug, but rewarded. Even though Senator McDaniel has a track record for making denigrating remarks (many predating his election to public office), both the Governor of Mississippi and the Legislature have shirked their collective duty to penalize McDaniel’s conduct. The Senator's steadfast refusal to behave professionally and appropriately while serving the People of Mississippi, evidences that he has and is continuing to abuse his position. This conduct should outrage every person – not just the targets of his rhetoric. Moreover, this conduct paints all Mississippians in a negative light (often on the national level), which is harmful to our state’s success.

We call for Senator Christopher Brian McDaniel to resign his position as the Senator of Mississippi ,District 42 by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 27th, 2017. Furthermore, we strongly encourage Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi Legislature to reject future action and statements that denigrate Mississippi women. Together we must find solutions that allow our state to grow and prosper. To do this, our leaders must ensure that those making decisions that affect all of us do not harbor discriminatory animus toward some of us.

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In solidarity with the women of Mississippi,

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