Bring Back Bob Camp for The Ren & Stimpy reboot on Comedy Central

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29 years ago today!

Ren and Stimpy premiered on August 11th, 1991. On social media, today Bob Camp writes:

" 29 years ago Nickelodeon, with the vision and support of producers Vanessa Coffey and Mary Harrington, launched a Cartoon Network dedicated to making “Creator driven” cartoons. This is the foundation for lots of wonderful cartoons and the network that gave us a chance.

A reboot of Ren and Stimpy that is “reimagined” is taking that Vision and throwing it away. In case you don’t know, 3 of the original Ren and Stimpy creators (I’m not including John in this for obvious reasons) are still alive and capable of making new Ren and Stimpy cartoons, including myself, Lynne Naylor and Jim Smith. I can’t speak for Jim and Lynne but I'm ready to reimagine new adventures with the boys and lots of new, young, talented artists and keep our original vision alive."

Adam Lore
4 months ago