Hawaii state senator Chris Lee: Work with all 50 states to make microtransactions illegal

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Loot boxes or gambling style virtual items that are infesting video games are becoming common, but it has come to my attention that microtransactions are being now sold for a incredible amount of money.

VALVe's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for example on Steam has a marketplace where you can buy and sell these microtransactions.

VALVe also needs to be held accoutable with the marketplace on Steam.

One microtransaction that sold for a lot of money, $61,000 dollars to be exact has surfaced.

A team member of Cloud 9 who signed this skin sold it for that much.

Here's the article talking about it.


This kind of stuff being sold in video games and for video games needs to be illegal. We need video games back where we only pay for the video games and get the rest of the content added for free.

I'm sick and tired of paying $60 for AAA video games and have to see it filled with items I can pay $100 or even over $500 for to get or waste my time grinding to buy them.

It is time for the U.S. Government at the federal and state level to get involved in video games monetizations. To stop game devs and game pubs exploiting us to earn a fast dollar.