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Justice for Michael Robinson

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Michael Robinson was arrested on Friday, August 14, 2015 for being behind on child support. He told the Pemiscot County, Missouri jail that he needed insulin. His girlfriend also told them that Michael needed insulin – that is even on tape. Pemiscot County jail ignored those requests. When Michael tried to get their attention, they strapped him in a chair, poured water on him and locked him in isolation.

After being found unconscious, Michael was taken to the hospital Saturday night and then transferred to a second hospital where he died early Sunday morning. He died with a blood sugar of about 2500. If you have ever been in DKA before, you know that was a slow, horrible death. This should not have happened. They could have easily done a simple test with a meter to verify that his blood sugar was high. Had they bothered to listen to Michael’s screams for help and done that test, Michael Robinson would be alive today.

Michael was not the first person to die in the Pemiscot County jail after being denied medicine. Another person died 3 weeks earlier after being denied medicine. This jail obviously did NOTHING to correct what happened after the first death. Neither of these deaths should have happened.

As a Type 1 diabetic, I know how much Michael suffered before he died. I have been in DKA before. I have seen high numbers on my meter without being in DKA and I know how miserable it is. Insulin is something that we need to stay alive. Michael was denied a necessary life sustaining drug. Michael was denied a simple blood sugar test that would have shown that he was telling them the truth about needing insulin. What this jail did is nothing short of murder and I am asking that criminal charges be brought against everyone involved in Michael Robinson’s death.

This could happen to any one of us. It happened to another man at Riker’s after Michael died. The only way to stop this from happening is to make sure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. Please sign this petition so we can make sure that those involved in Michael’s death are brought to justice. Chris Koster is the Attorney General for the State of Missouri and we need to make sure that he is aware of what happened and that Michael has a lot of people that want to make sure justice is done. Please help make sure that Michael Robinson receives the justice he deserves.

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