NZ government must intervene and reverse closure of MAINZ audio programme

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To the Honourable Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education,

We, the undersigned students and supporters of Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ), urgently request your intervention to reverse the decision made by Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to close the Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production (BAEP).

This can only be achieved by gaining the recognition of the Tertiary Education Commission, Tertiary Education Union, and the Honourable Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education.

SIT's premature decision to close the BAEP before the unfolding of the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) directly affects students and the music industry of New Zealand. No other polytechnic in the North Island provided an audio qualification, and now the only available qualifications are through expensive private institutes/university.

SIT has stated their reason for cutting the BAEP programme as being financially driven, despite having estimated holdings of $35,000,000+ available. SIT has offered to cover the difference between tuition costs of the BAEP at MAINZ and tuition costs of the BAEP at SAE, which regardless of the fact that they would have to restructure their curriculum to accomodate for MAINZ students, also costs around $12,000 dollars per year once the administrative fees have been accounted for.

Closure of the BAEP programme also directly affects the integrated delivery in all other programmes (levels 1-7). By closing the BAEP, SIT are denying a career pathway for Maori and Pasifka students in the city where the population is greatest.

It is the belief of some students within MAINZ that SIT has terminally mismanaged their campus, with none of this aforementioned information being made known to those studying there until months after a decision had been made. More information on such non-communication here -

Mainz has consistently contributed to the NZ music industry for more than 20 years, as evidenced by this alumni list -

Without your help, a minimum of 9 tutors and staff will lose their jobs, a large group of like-minded students and friends learning symbiotically will be segregated, and New Zealand will lose what the student writing this believes to be our most encouraging, distinguished, and unique music school.
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