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Keep the Guards on the Train

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Driver Only Operation puts every passenger at risk. Who can you turn to when you are faced with harassment? Who can help you if you suddenly feel ill? Who can provide assistance if you experience abuse?

Women travelling alone have been subjected to sexual harassment. Passengers have experienced heart attacks, epileptic fits and onsets of other medical episodes including fainting spells. Travellers have been abused for being of a ‘perceived’ undesired minority.

Driver Only Operation isolates every passenger from immediate support

Who is there to help if you are mugged by a fellow passenger? Or if you are threatened by a fellow passenger? Who is there to help if you feel lost? Who is there to help if you feel ill?

Who is there to help?

Guards on every train did more than ensure that disabled travellers could get on and off the train. They were there if passengers felt uneasy, uncomfortable or threatened. They were there to tell you how you might get to your destination even if you suddenly discovered you were on the wrong train. They were there to help you locate your luggage, support you if you felt sick, help you while you struggled with any number of issues that can come up while you are locked in this metal tube hurtling down a track, isolated from access to other sources of immediate help.


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