An investigation into Northern Rail’s persistent failure to provide an adequate service

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In the last few years Northern Rail’s services have steadily worsened. What started as a busy service with no available seating, the occasional cancelled train, but more usually a late running of service each day, has more recently in my experience disintegrated into regular cancellations, the chaos of regular strike action, two carriage trains/dangerously busy trains at peak times, people left behind on the platforms, reductions to services, a total disregard for the train timetable and overall poor management/treatment of customers. 

What with the train times, the numbers of carriages at peak times, the availability of tickets, the availability of drivers/conductors, I honestly cannot think of a single area that Northern Rail are getting right. This must suggest that they are in breach of whatever the license agreement is that permits them to continue trading. Anyone standing at Deansgate station on weekdays from 5pm onwards is heckled by the station’s tannoy declaring late services and cancellations in both directions on a minute by minute basis. The most recent accusation in the media is that Northern Rail know about cancellations the day beforehand, but do not inform their customers*. If this is true, it would suggest that they are also potentially being dishonest about the level of service that they are able to provide. 

I for one am no longer interested that, “Northern apologises for the late running and the inconvenience caused”. Somebody needs to be held to account from the faceless organisation that is Northern Rail. I cannot keep telling my boss that I am late because of the inadequate train service provided by Northern Rail. People rely upon these trains to get to and from work and their livelihoods depend upon it.

It is an absolute necessity that Northern Rail are investigated by the appropriate body and either forced to have their license revoked, or to provide a reasonable level of service within an appropriate time frame. On this basis, I would be most grateful if you would sign this petition.