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Change HS2 plans to an underground Hyperloop tunnel

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Dear Mr Grayling

Under the current plans, the HS2 rail project will deliver, for example, a Manchester-London journey saving of 20 minutes. It is projected to cost at least £56 billion and will cause significant disruption to residential and natural areas, and the existing transport network. It will implement 20th Century technology with a limited future potential.

This petition suggests that this budget could equally provide:

- A journey time of 20 minutes end-to-end

- Minimum impact on homes and landscape (only stations would be near the surface)

- The start of a pan-European 'tube' network (side-stepping the British rail gauge issue)

- Engagement and early expertise into a totally new industry for British civil engineering firms and workers

- Kudos on the world stage for being one of the first to implement a new transport method

- Improved housing prospects for London's workforce and a possible easing of the house price bubble in the southwest.

Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept describes a system of high velocity pods travelling through vacuum tubes. Prototypes and proofs-of-concept have been demonstrated already, and on 20th July 2017 various US routes (Los Angeles greater area, New York to Washington DC, LA to San Francisco, Texas loop) were discussed by Musk. His Boring Company is already exploring disruptive technologies for tunneling.

In the UK we already have a direct need and budget allocation for a high speed transit improvement, so it would be in the interest of the country for you to investigate the possibility of spending the money on a new transport method which will generate much greater benefits with less disruption and environmental impact.

Combined with local civil engineering expertise and experience, it makes the UK a compelling case for this transport system. 

I personally will benefit from any reduction in journey time from Manchester to London; I do have friends and neighbours who are concerned about the disruption HS2 will bring to the area; I care about the preservation of our environment where possible; I believe our country has a great civil engineering strength and a forward-looking technology sector.I believe our government has a responsibility to use our taxes to benefit as many areas of the common interest as possible, when investing in infrastructure. This is my motivation for raising this petition.

We would greatly appreciate your attention and response on this proposal.

Mario Miniaci





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