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Calling on the Government to provide a fair deal for motorists and action on congestion

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The UK is officially reported as the most congested country in the world and it is time for motorists to stand up and demand fair and equal treatment like any other group in society.

This petition is calling on urgent Government action and legislation to be produced, similar to the system of regulations and statutory compensation available to rail and air passengers.

Motorists in the UK pay the highest level of taxation and duty than any other group in society and despite this we drive on some of the worst roads in Europe, most congested roads in the world and have to endure the ongoing wrath of local authorities and their vindictive policies against motorists aimed at raising revenue from the already highly taxed motorist

In particular, we are calling on the Government to review the current attitude towards motorists and introduce a motorist charter and compulsory regulations to include the following:

  • Local authorities must treat motorists fairly and recognise the taxation revenue that is provided by motorists, local authorities must stop predatory practices against motorists which include extended hours parking charges and blatant revenue raising traps through the use of bus lanes.
  • Local Authorities must review congestion and implement plans to reduce and eliminate bottlenecks on their roads and allow traffic to flow more freely
    All bus lanes must be reviewed and must be a minimum of 100 metres long in any single section and can only be put into use if there are more than 20 buses using the bus lane per hour.
    There should be no bus lane restrictions at weekends, public and Bank Holidays
  • Local Authorities must allow access to public locations such as rail stations, bus stations and town centres.
  • The use of speed bumps must stop immediately and any future use must be as a result of specific incidents or concerns in a particular area and subject to consultation and an appeals process if they are being considered without purpose
  • Any area where congestion occurs on a daily basis should immediately be subject to a formal review and an action plan created to eliminate the cause of congestion and allow traffic to flow freely
  • Potholes and broken road surfaces should become a priority over all other road spend and areas of repair should be inspected within 3 months of completion to ensure a competent repair has been carried out
  • Where a temporary repair is being carried out for the 3rd time the Local Authority must effect a proper permanent repair
  • All Local Authorities must spent 95% of what they raise from motorists directly on roads repair and maintenance

Road contractors and their methods of working are incompetent and no longer fit for purpose, poorly managed roadwork’s   have almost ground Britain to a halt and we demand a review of working practices and new legislation which all road contractors must follow. This includes the following:

  • Creation of a national website that all road contractors, utility companies and local authorities must use to post details of proposed roadwork’s where there will be any type of restriction. The site must have the facility for complaints to be made about poor workmanship, unnecessary restrictions and excessive congestion. Where 20 or more complaints are received for a single site then a review must take place and action undertake to alleviate congestion and get traffic flowing again
  • No set of restrictions can be any more than one mile long meaning that extended roads projects must work smart to start and finish sections of road before they are allowed to move to the next area.
    If any set of roadworks are causing more than 20 minutes of delays then they must be reviewed and an action plan put in place to deal with this.
  • All work sections must be started and completed as part of the same process and any site that is left for more than 24 hours must immediately have restrictions removed.
  • Roads contractors cannot use any carriageway lane as a parking place for vehicles while they carry out work off the carriageway itself
    When works have been carried out the contractor must immediately remove all restrictions upon completion and no later than 2 hours from the time the works were completed. Failure to remove restrictions in a timely manner should result in daily fines and an entitlement to compensation for motorists.
  • Where there is an accident priorities should be realigned to prevent and alleviate congestion as a primary objective. The immediate priority in any accident must be to remove vehicles from the road within 30 minutes and allow traffic flow to continue. This should be the number one priority for police and roads authorities with obstructions being pushed, towed or shunted off the main carriageway as soon as possible.
  • No accident site should be closed off for any longer than 4 hours unless there are significant vehicles involved or significant loss of life.
  • A local Motorists representative should be appointed for each area similar to a Police Crime Commissionaire and they should have oversight and input to all matters concerning roads, roadwork’s, repairs and congestion
  • A commitment from Government that a minimum of 50% of taxation raised from motorists is spent directly on the roads network

This petition is simply asking for a fair deal for motorists

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