Mental health should be covered by OHIP!

Mental health should be covered by OHIP!

March 2, 2021
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Chris Glover (MPP)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Juliet Gonzalez

Mental health has long been looked at as a minor problem and taken very lightly.

I’ve had many friends and family experience mental health issues and take their lives or self-harm due to not being able to seek out proper treatment. The main reason being that they cannot afford it.

My friends and family members are struggling and can't afford the help they deserve, especially with a pandemic.

We live in a country that supposedly gives us free health care but we somehow have to still pay for our sanity.

With Covid, we have also experienced a larger wave of mental health concerns. I can’t stand to watch my friends take their lives due to mental health issues and illnesses or simply be sick, unhealthy, hospitalized, and mentally hurt with therapy out of reach. I’ve had enough of this national crisis for mental health aid.

Yes, there are therapies that are covered but they are nowhere near as good as the one-on-one therapy we can get with a specialized doctor.

It is time we all come together and make a change.

Please join me in changing our community into a healthier place.

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Signatures: 717Next Goal: 1,000
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