Help Autistic kids keep funding for treatment

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I have two non verbal autistic grandchildren, 6 and 8 who without funding will be forced from an intensive care facility into the public school system. They have advanced to the point of calling me Grandma just last weekend only to find out the crucial therapy they're receiving has been brutally taken away. The are still toilet training and require many specific modules of therapeutic care. The school system is simply not prepared for autistic kids and any progress these kids have made will be a moot point as autistic kids do not respond well to chaotic changes. I'm terrified at how scared these little boys will be in an environment so outside their comfort zone with no appropriate support, fear of regression back to head banging, biting, being bullied by others, overwhelmed teachers and a complete reversal in their progress. There is no time or funding in place to transition the boys to the school or prepare the teachers to properly prepare and become educated in working with autistic children. I have lost my savings, retirement funds and my marriage for these boys and would do it all over again but as I'm a retail worker, I simply no longer have the funds to assist especially since there are two. I am pleading with the powers that be to reverse this decision and ensure these kids have a future...Love and effort has not been the issue! Please sign and share this petition for the sake of our kids...thank you so much in advance.