Give Level C Spanish students the opportunity to complete Prueba 3

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It is necessary that all Level C Spanish students are given the opportunity to complete their Prueba 3 exam - otherwise they are at a distinct disadvantage compared to previous years. While it may be inferred that the first two Pruebas represent what kind of mark we would have achieved in the third, this is not the case. Many of us had lots of other exams/assignments going on at the time of the first two Pruebas. Therefore, knowing that we had the option of choosing the best two out of three, many of us did not prioritise them over our other exams/assignments that we did not have another chance at. Had we known that this chance would have been taken from us, our marks would have been very different. A lot of students are unhappy with at least one of their grades from Prueba 1 and 2, and realise that having to accept these grades will mean that their overall mark will be worse than what it should have been had we been given the opportunity to complete all three Pruebas (like every other year group). We understand the reasons for the strike and support the decision of the staff members, however we do not believe that our final year grades should be affected due to situations that are out of our control.

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