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Stop junk mail distribution on the North Shore, Auckland

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Advertising and marketing leaflets are distributed all over the North Shore and can be seen in letterboxes, car windscreens, blowing in the wind or at the side of the road. Leaflets and flyers are commonly used by companies, big and small, to promote their products or inform you of a sale. Most of the time these leaflets are ignored because well, who cares?  However, on a windy day the flyers and leaflets, that have a large flat surface and are very light, get carried by the wind. In the UK 79% of people who received advertising material, in the form of junk mail, threw it in the bin or into the street. 39% kept it for a few days then did the same. 30% of all litter is paper and most of that paper that is found on the street are advertisements.  Although no research is available for New Zealand, it could be established that Kiwi's have similar views with regard to litter and paper wastage.

In recent years the appeal for using and reading leaflets has declined and while they are still delivered more and more people use “No junk mail “stickers to tell the leaflet delivery people not to give them leaflets. 

I would like to see a total ban on all junk mail and leaflet deliveries to home across the North Shore and potentially rolling out to the rest of Aotearoa New Zealand.  This ban is necessary and long overdue as it will assist in the climate change issues of deforestation, marine pollution and landfill thus reducing greenhouses gases.


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