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Help Find New Homes for 1,000 People with Disabilities

Nearly 150,000 people with serious disabilities are living on less than $800 a month in New Jersey. They struggle with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), serious mental illness, addictions and homelessness.

The nearly $800 dollars a month afforded to them by Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) means many of these individuals cannot afford to live independently and are relegated to living at home with aging parents, living in substandard housing or simply have no place to live at all. To offset this problem New Jersey’s Department of HumanServices (DHS) provides housing in licensed community beds or through rental vouchers to only approximately 15,000 people. This program has worked well but there are still thousands of individuals who have yet to benefit from DHS’s efforts.

That’s why we request that the Governor add $10 million to budget to house an additional 1,000 people at a cost of $10,000 per person per year. Please sign this petition to add your support!

State funded rental vouchers provide low-income people with disabilities the opportunity to rent safe, decent housing and will ultimately save the state millions in overuse of long-term care facilities, emergency rooms, prisons and homeless shelters due to a lack of affordable housing.

We applaud Governor Christie for including $2 million in his proposed budget for new rental vouchers to house an additional 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We urge him and the Legislature to add $8 million to this allocation to provide for the housing needs of an additional 800 people with I/DD, serious mental illness, addictions and the chronically homeless such that the critical housing needs of all three populations can be addressed.

We request that this money be earmarked as an annual allocation in the general fund to be repeated each year in order that an additional 1,000 people with special needs be given the opportunity to live independently and as self-sufficiently as they are able.  We further request that this allocation be added to the budget in addition to housing vouchers/subsidies committed as part of NJ's Olmstead settlement obligation for those leaving institutions and in emergency situations.

Please sign this petition to open 1,000 doors for people with disabilities in the 2016 budget! 

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    Chris Christie
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    Vincent Prieto
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    Paul Sarlo
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    Gary Schaer

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