i am unemployed like colin kaepernick! west edmonton mall stole my 18 yr small business

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lets save the American dream! west edmonton mall just stole my 18 year small business for writing a post on my surfco swimwear facebook page on june 1st and not removing it when they demanded. they had mall security remove me 30 min later, (video and post is still up on my facebook) changed the locks and illegally stole everything i own (close to a million dollars). 2 months after they did this, they hired a bailiff, lied, and claimed backrent, then added an extra $79,000 for the 3 months after they kicked me out.  this company, triple five, also owns the mall of america in minnesota, as well as they are opening 2 new malls in miami and new jersey and are ironically calling them the american dream mall.

i AM the american dream! the dictionary definition, since i was 17, when i moved from a small town to start my own small business. this mall, has forced all the independent stores out by raising their rent so high that it put them out of business. i was the last longest one left. now, its so bad, that all retail is collapsing and we need to look at the real reasons why, such as the pure greed of the landlords. this mall raised my rent 7.31 times from when i first started in 1999. so a bikini that cost $150 in 1999 would now cost $1096 if it kept up with rent increases!!!

the american dream mall does NOT care about the american dream at all. the same owners, west edmonton mall,  threw me out like all of the other american dream stores they once had. they want to fill that mall with the same stores that occupy every mall....destroying the american dream. so lets stop them!

i am a single mom, and now i am unemployed, just like colin kaepernick because i spoke up and spoke the truth. and now my life is destroyed and they just want to tie this up in court for years, while i am now jobless.

please sign my petition to save new jersey and miami from this globalist ghermezian company opening the american dream mall, and try to make it so our kids can open up a small business once again. let's bring back the american dream. the story can be followed on my surfco swimwear facebook page.