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Convert New Jersey to Wind Power

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Fossil fuels release large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned, which leads to things like higher atmospheric temperatures. This melts polar ice caps, which in turn raises the water level and reduces the amount of fresh water available. In addition, with fossil fuel supplies rapidly decreasing, the need to find an equally efficient alternative energy source is increasing.

New Jersey can be pulled out of the energy sinkhole by implementing wind turbines along the New Jersey coast and offshore (as New Jersey possesses prodigious unused potential in offshore wind due to its apt location). New Jersey should rely on wind power for 50% of total energy within the next 10 years, while maintaining conventional methods for a backbone support system.

Of the available alternative energy sources, wind energy is the best energy source to start with. Wind energy is a clean energy source and is capable of producing a sufficient amount of electricity with minimal cost and can be located offshore.

Wind power is a safe source of power, which does not release greenhouse gasses, like traditional fossil fuels and biomass, which contribute to global warming. Wind power does not destroy ecosystems like hydroelectric dams. Nuclear power needs uranium and plutonium, which must be mined, and it releases radioactive waste, which must be kept. Wind is safer than photovoltaic cells, which require some special procedures to be constructed, which also release many dangerous greenhouse gases.

Wind power is certainly the cheapest out of all the renewable energy sources, which are truly the only sources which should be considered for New Jersey’s future. Wind turbines can provide electricity for 8.2 cents per kWh, which is cheap enough to compete with fossil fuel plants. Wind power also has the lowest average construction cost, and very minimal construction time- a matter of months. To put in perspective, take a nuclear power plant. The construction time for a nuclear power plant ranges from around 6-8 years, very similar to construction times for a pumped hydro plant.

Due to New Jersey's location along the Atlantic ocean, it is possible to harness the high winds of the seas, by means of offshore wind. Offshore wind is much more efficient (higher wind speeds) in comparison to onshore wind. NJ has the ability to implement offshore wind (with permission from BOEM), and NJ is also one of 3 states already undertaking the large-scale project of offshore wind in order to lower the cost of offshore wind with financial support from the Department of Energy. On average, offshore wind speeds in New Jersey are around 17-24 mph, and turbines require around 12 mph or more wind speeds to function effectively.

Chris Christie has the power to accomplish this. We must take action before it is too late. New Jersey has the potential to continue its economic development if it has the energy to. With fossil fuel supplies quickly depleting, alternative energy sources will soon be the only option. Wind power is capable of creating a window for alternative energy sources to develop. We need to act and we need to act now!


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