Stop Bullying @ GMS enforce the school bullying policy hold bullies accountable

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The bullying and harassment at GMS has become intolerable. The complacency of the teachers, office staff and the school Counselor is unacceptable. 

Students report to the above mentioned adults of their repeated bullying onlyto be told to , ignore it, get over it, go back to class, and atleast one student has been told by the school counselor they were not being bullied. This particular students bullying has continued throughout the year and has become worse. 

I do not know what the staff at GMS considers to be bullying but the Robertson County Schools defines it as the following;

1- a direct act directed at one or more students intended to harm or embarrass them

2-is repeated over time and 

3-involves an imbalance of physical emotional or social power.

Bullying can be conducted in writing or verbally, teasing name calling or threatening to cause harm. Relationally or hurting ones reputation (Socially, or relationship, ) physically ( themself or possession) .

(The above is just bullying for the whole list of hazing , cyber bullying go to for bullying policy .) 

The students that are reporting bullying have been reporting the above criteria all year and it is relentless bullying however the staff is doing nothing.

We as parents grandparents citizens of Greenbrier, Mental Health Professionals . Demand that GMS and  Robertson County Schools Enforce the No Bullying policy At GMS and all Sureounding Greenbrier Schools . We demand the bullies be punished according to the no bullying policy laid out in the handbook and the adults that are being complacent and allowing the bullying to continue to be held accountable. We demand there be further education for the staff on what bullying is and how to deal with it. The bullying Must Stop so ALL students have a safe environment to receive an education. 

The amount of Bullying that is going on and the degree of Bullying and the effect it is having on the bullied students is absolutely unacceptable!

We expect action immediately.