Fire from his place of employment, and close Shooter’s Sports Bar & Billiards

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 is a racist homophobe who attends Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) who recently has been exposed with racist things being said. And I quote “he’s an African American n****r, no bro i want trump to win for me reason: get the “n****rs out of here bro”. These things being are hateful and disgusting.  There is no right in the situation there is only wrong, and his justifications of this was it was four years ago. I know of  in great detail and know these things being said have not changed, and his beliefs have not changed. He still spreads this hate and his excuse always is it’s a joke. These things being said are not jokes this is his true emotions and opinions. I am creating this petition to ask for the firing of  not only at shooters but at all of his other places of employment. And by signing this petition you show that you do not support these beliefs. Because as of right now he is still employed in places serving tables with no remorse for his actions. A person like this should not be a food server / work in a restaurant because if that’s how he feels and other races Lord knows what he does to his tables of those races.

this next part is going to particularly be about Shooter’s Sports Bar & Billiards, A bar in Illinois that in fact  parents own. It would be different if  actions did not parallel the actions of his parents.  But they do. Shooters is a very lively bar with a pretty big crowd but one thing stands out. They do not allow non-English music to be played in their bar, and if you play said music you will be removed from the bar. At one point they had a sign on the jukebox that said “foreign language music will be ejected no refunds” it doesn’t and there it continues on to reviews, and if you look there are plenty of poor reviews talking about racial profiling. They show no remorse in their responses to any of these They show no remorse in their responses to any of these, One of their responses being: “Thank you for your wonderful review. So get over your racially profiling BS and look around at the diverse crowd”. This response came straight from  father William R Barnes who with a quick Google search of the name you will find out he is a second-degree pedophile. If all of this isn’t bad enough shooters recently put out a Facebook post and I quote: “ Over two years ago shooters was having a problem with some kids coming in and playing Music in foreign languages that didn’t go along with the theme of a sports bar. By them doing this it was running off Customers that wanted to hear rock, country, and R&B. Instead of removing the jukebox we block tons of music and posted a sign to discourage the playing of foreign language music. By doing this we immediately became racist. All bars and restaurants reserve the right to play the music of their choice. If you have ever actually came to shooters and not just hiding behind your keyboard you would See how much of a diverse crowd we have. Recently we posted about the nice improvements we have made sense being on lockdown and we called at the Chinese coronavirus now we are being called racist. COVID-19 came from Wuhan China” this establishments unprofessionalism and continued profiling is disgusting, and should not be allowed to function while holding these beliefs. By signing this petition you are saying that there is a problem with the way shooters believes, and demanding change or shut down of the bar.

With all of this coming out just this morning Tuesday, June 28 there has been a lot more released with just a Google search of his name on Twitter you can find a picture of him ON Snapchat with the caption “no, less n*****rs and Mexicans running around from the hood” The screenshot being much newer than the video. This screenshot only proves that he still holds these beliefs to this day, and by signing this petition you are putting out the message that us normal Americans do not support these toxic white supremacist beliefs, or people the behind them, or the business’ behind them.

Both shooters anddisgust me, with their radical beliefs and disgusting opinions. There are other people in this country who think this way and although both and shooters are in relatively small towns never think this can’t happen in your town. No town is safe from these glorified neo-Nazis. so with that I am saying please sign this petition to request the immediate release of from all places of employment in the immediate shut down of shooters. Thank u!