Ban plastic bags and implement recycled paper fibre bags in Canada

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The most common pollutant found in the ocean is plastic. In 2012, on International Coastal Cleanup Day, over 1,019,902 plastic bags were collected, with even more still in the ocean. This number in recent years has risen drastically. 
The rising amount of plastic in our oceans creates smaller microplastics which are often ingested by marine life of all sizes. Reports suggest that around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year due to plastic ingestion. Several marine species are even on the verge of extinction from this very source. 
The entire marine Eco system will suffer until we do something about it. It is time for change. In Morocco, plastic bags have been completely banned, and have been replaced with recycled paper fibre bags that are biodegradable. Canadian government should follow suit, and ban plastic bags and find Eco friendly alternatives such as the recycled paper fibre bags. When dealing with an issue as big as this, we must ask ourselves is human conviniance more important than a global issue? 
Please help me in raising awareness to bring this to attention to not only the Ontario provincial government, but as well as federal leaders who hold power in the House of Commons such as Green Party leader Elizabeth May, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada Catherine McKenna, as well as the Minister of Ontario Chris Ballard, and even the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.