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Reinstate Dunkin' Donuts Security

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Dunkin' Donuts Security was shutdown previously, due to the lack of co-operation and purpose. But then, a short while after it was shutdown, Dunkin' Donuts went through a dramatic change. Most of the HRs had left, and Chris, RxsePetals, and DevMusic were in a catastrophic situation. With their HR team down, it would be harder for them to combat against exploiters and everyone that breaks the rules in the cafe. This WAS the purpose of Dunkin' Donuts Security. It was supposed to let the owners relax, and help in the fight against the rule-breakers. But without it now, Dunkin' Donuts is in a catastrophic situation. The team at Dunkin' Donuts Security have nowhere to go with their experience, because mostly all the good cafés on ROBLOX have a security division, except Dunkin' Donuts. Only Chris and RxsePetals can reinstate the division.

This WILL be a fresh start for Dunkin' Donuts Security, and there won't be issues like there were in the past. The past DOES NOT matter. The future does, though.

If the appeal gets rejected, we will continue to get more signatures until it gets accepted.

Will you help us bring back Dunkin' Donuts Security, and help the HR team, the MR team, and the owners of Dunkin' Donuts in fighting the exploiters and rule-breakers of their cafe?

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