Stop the Rezoning of 1403 Taft Highway at Albert Road

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1403 Taft Highway Possible Rezoning

Currently a house on the corner of Taft highway and Albert road, the rezoning is moving to have this house torn down and have an office building and parking lot built in its place.

If this property is rezoned the overall quality of life of all those living near this new building will be decreased. Property value will go down with the addition of this commercial eyesore. Construction will create deafening noises throughout the day, disrupting the tranquility we are used to on this mountain. Also, the natural surroundings of the current house will be disturbed at the least and most likely, destroyed. 

The new building will also cause significant light pollution similar to that of the Subway at Ashley Plaza, as the residents of Albert Road can attest. Also, traffic will be greatly impacted on both Albert Road and Taft Highway. There is no turn lane on Taft Highway approaching Albert Road, so traffic will slow causing more traffic congestion than that already exists along Taft Highway. On Albert Road, there will be additional traffic, which will damage the road that is already in poor condition.

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