Stop Chorley Council And Homes England From Ruining Our Family Business!!!

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So 6 years we have worked blood, sweat and tears to build our business up for Chorley council and homes England to go and ruin it by slapping a main road straight through our car park for a housing site to go in the field at the back of our pub. They have been very back handed in everything they have done and don't seem to give 2 hoots about ruining a family business which we have worked so hard for. Everyone that knows us, knows how much effort we have put into this place. Please could everyone support us and have your say. Chorley Council have gone to public consultation with the plans and instead of the agreed 6 week period, they are only giving the public 3 weeks to have their say. Please please please help. If you would like to object for the access road going through our car park then please sign. Please see the council link below...

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