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Better Travel for Ladies in the first class from Mira Road

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We the travellers from Mira Road (and who also reside) have a very a terrible time travelling by first class compartment – Western Railway –Local Trains. The time especially between 08:00 AM and 09:30 AM. We pass a price and we get the worst travel.  Most of travel by second class in the first class compartment, as the return journey in the evening is a little better than the onward journey in the morning.

The most important Reasons According to US Are: 

·         The Trains are just never on time. Or they run before Time.

·         A lot of General Ladies Compartment ticket holders are seen in the First Class Ladies Compartment or Ladies without ticket.

·         No ticket checking as the crowd is so much that Ticket Collectors just do not enter. (I am sure they can board and check tickets from the main destination).

·         Travellers who alight at Mira Road, Dahisar and Borivali also take the Virar-Churchgate trains, only because the trains are late and crowded. So we cannot board the train.

-  A distance of 25/45 mins we travel for 1/1.5 hours every day.

And Why:

For example: Between 8:26 AM comes after a Bandra Slow local and Borivali local. So for the Churchgate travellers we have to wait for 19 minutes to get the 08:26, by this time the 08:26 comes so crowded that people cannot board the train and not forgetting to mention the train never arrives on time, very rarely on time.

The crowd gets pushed to 08:30 – Bhayander- Churchgate – In this train people from Dahisar & Mira Road, board it from their respective destinations as a return journey (Dahisar to Bhayander and back). So when this train reaches Mira road it comes comlelety packed making it very difficult for passengers to alight at Mira Road.

Again the crowd gets pushed back to 08:34 and 08:38. The 08:38 a 15 coach is absolutely making no sense, it is late every day. It reaches Bandra at 08:25 and the situation is the same. No change and no difference.

So women leave their homes at 07:00 to get to their work places at 10 AM. They return home at 08:00 PM. A country that is working towards the betterment of women. This is very important.

We travel like stuffed sardines. We request you to kindly experience our travel situation from Mira Road. It is not just by the senses you take from the number of passes sold. People who travel from Mira road buy their passes up to Bhayander only for this reason. It is extremely difficult for us to travel every day to work. Please review your train schedule

We want to travel safe and in a respectful manner.

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