Remove the kickers ban

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Remove the Kickers Ban
Last week, Chobham Academy enforced a ban of Kickers because they claim that it poses a financial burden on parents.

Parents have not been consulted about this decision even if the school have had many opportunities to address the issue. Kickers is an iconic school shoe which is worn by over 75% of pupils in most inner London Secondary Schools not because of its brand name but because of its durability and comfort.  In regards to the price, which is usually around £50 to £70 most parents spend more than that amount over the school year because they usually purchase 2-3 pairs of shoes at approximately £20-30 each. Some parents may have already purchased kickers to avoid the September rush.

The main financial issue that parents face and have informed the school about is the cost of the school uniform. To date, nothing has been done to support parents.

Chobham Academy have purposely done this so we don't have time to voice our opinions but it's not too late!!!!!!!! By signing this petition now you can make a change to this ban.

Yours truly,

Skye Francis Yr10