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In an age where the public's trust in UK politicians is at an all time low, doesn't it seem crazy that a constituency that has lost confidence in its elected MP has no power to remove that MP for potentially a full 5 year fixed term Parliament?

Brexit is the biggest political issue in this country right now and scores of MPs are set to defy the will of the majority of their constituents who voted to leave the EU under the guise of it "being in the national interest".

They will use all sorts of arguments in support of their decision. The voting area was not the same, people were ill or misinformed, people did not vote to make the country poorer or lose their jobs and all sorts of other excuses for failing to carry out the result of the referendum vote in their constituency.

As things stand, there is no way a constituency can remove a sitting MP in which it has lost confidence - even if that lack of confidence extends to 100% of its voters. That cannot be right. There should be a mechanism to allow a sitting MP to face a no confidence vote and if such a vote succeeds, then the MP loses his seat and a by-election take place.

If you agree, then please support this petition and let us have more direct democracy with our MPs not getting away with 5 years voting exactly how they want whether we like it or not.