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Mis-implementation of MGNREGA and IAY fund in Morigaon District of Assam

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The entire progrrame of launch by the Central Rural Development Ministry the objectives of which are clearly mentioned in their guide lines. The primary and secondary objective is clearly targeted to provide special save guard for weaker section and SC, ST community of back ward areas. But so far as that various progrrame launch by the Govt. of India are concerned the aforesaid poor section are victimize directly and indirectly in implementation of rural development schemes in Assam ( i.e. MGNREGA and IAY distribution and infrastructural works and labour deployment ). Morigaon distrct are not beyond that.

Mis-utilization of central aids day to day happening of corruptions, direct and indirect involvement of political leaders and administrative official of high dignity, leader of rolling party and involvement of MLA, ministers and PRI activities are published every day in all the regional dailies. But neither the rural development minister of the state nor the state govt. feels their sense of responsibility to published a single clarification against the news even no action has taken so far by the state govt. till date.

Above all the Morigaon DRDA creates terrific records of corruption in distribution and implementation has stolen a march on many other district of the state. The district authorities spare no pains to safeguard themselves and their retinues.

The Morigaon DRDA have 5 development Block with a complicated status of population. Out of these Moirabari Development Block is one of the most corrupted Block in the district where I am residing.

Keeping in view the above serial corruption of Moirabari Development Block, I have been opposing against the corruption since a couple of years. During the SGRY period I wrote to the commissioner of supreme court with respect of WPC 196 of 2001.
A joint enquiry constituted by commissioner of SC and district authority were found guilty. At last one JE, one BDO of Moirabari Development Block were suspended and departmental proceeding was carried out including then PD, DRDA Morigaon.

More over I have been trying my best effort to draw the attention of hon’ble Govt. of Assam. I started a struggle for established minimum transparency against the illegally appointed contractors deployed in several schemes and embezzle huge amount of money with the help of corrupt officials. These are MGNREGA, construction of IAY houses etc. For your information, I would like to explain regarding excavation of Leteri Beel of Lahkarghat GP. under Moirabari development block.The Leteri Beel falls under water from last part of April to first part of December every year. The Moirabari block start the excavation progrrame during the month of March in every year. After completion of 5-10% works the beel falls again rainy season and the works stopped due to water logging on beel. But unfortunately payments made to the labours by making and producing of false master rolls during the water logging period. By adopting such conspiracy the block embezzled the major part of the allocated fund. An amounting Rs. 2500000.00 for the excavation of Leteri Beel at Lahkar GP is star for the year 2011-12. it is also trying to do so as mention above. In this regards and order anomalies I personally meet the BDO, Moirabari Dev. Block for a number of times and produce a written complain regarding IAY house on 24-05-2012. Result is still awaited.

Keeping in view of the above, on 27th May 2012 as a conscious citizen I went to the spot to look at the progress of the work. But one Md. Abdul Kasem a local unauthorized contractor of MGNREGA works attack me with bamboo rod along with almost 10 other supporter of him at about 10AM. In this attack the concerned JE of the Lahkar Ghat GP directly involved in the incident. After an hour the GP president appeared on the spot. In presence of President the party demanded me an amount of Rs. 500000.00 for the payment of labours. Even the president didn’t oppose the unauthorized demand. It is clearly authenticated that the President himself involved in the matter. On my request the president did nothing to rescue me from the clutches of them and gave his consent to release the labour payment with in a week and so. At that time no works done in the beel project due to full of water on that area since one month before. But the president agreed with them to pay the amount without works. It is clearly prove that he is also interested to release the money without works.

At above 12.30PM Dhing PS rescued me from the spot in severely injured conditions. An FIR was lodged accordingly no action has taken so far by the Dhing PS. It is not possible for me to safeguard myself against the party. They lodged FIR against me also alleging me as if I provoked the labour to stop their works. But no work was done on 27th May,2012 being Sunday and also work side was under water.

It is therefore requested that, keeping in view the above facts, a high level investigation may carried out to stop the mis-appropriation of public funds and necessary step may take to prevail the transparency of the whole systems. It is a mere example only. After getting details of schemes I will try to submit all anomalies of the block as a whole with in a very short time you’re prompt and early action in connection with the entire matter is highly appreciated.

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