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Stop CCC players from copying others without giving credit - #GiveArdenCredit

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Chit Chat City is a great game where we can express ourselves through art. And that's great, isn't it? But how many of us actually know that Arden, a player that joined years ago, made those READ signs first? How many people have copied her without giving her credit or ask her permission? How many people have copied and pretended everything was all right? The fact that there's more than 10 is already an alarming number. Arden is just a common example that is probably relatable to most of CCC.

What we want to achieve is for people to stop copying without crediting the original idea owner. To start giving other people credit, and to change something. As you can see, one reason to Sesame and many other players' disapproval was the lack of transparency to our creations. If we create something inspired by someone, give them credit if possible, or even better - ask the original owner. Of course, a lot of creations are from Google.

We want to stop stuff like copying and pasting - a huge scandal that was covered up poorly by the PR of CCC. But first of all we need to stop copying others and pretending we made it. 

I've done my part by setting this petition up. Now it's your turn.

Go to Pastelle's city - 3rd floor for more information. After signing, let her know in - game for your name put up on a sign :D

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