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Chisholm Institute's lack of responsibility for maintaining IT Support

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As students at Chisholm Institute, we have a demand to complete our courses using the supplied computer infrastructure at each campus and their courses, these courses range from Cert I to Advance Diplomas in a wide range of fields. However, Chisholm IT Support is not completing their jobs, by not supplying the required software and the privileges to run certain programs. It's been seven weeks since the start of the year and we still don't have the required software to complete our courses. Some students don't have computers at home and they heavily rely on Chisholm to supply them with the courses required software, students are consistently getting lower marks and even failing courses due to the lack of IT Infrastructure.

Issues students are consistently having, are with some of the most simplest programs, like the following: Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint) have been crashing, Computer OS's and Hardware (Some High-end Computers don't start, missing Operating Systems and Random Blue Screens), Software Permissions (Some Software requires admin permissions to run or update), Class allocation (Some classrooms don't have the courses required hardware - low-end computers where classes require high-end computers) and the list continues.

As Students, we pay a Materials fee as a part of our enrollment which covers IT and Course materials like computers, books, and software, however, we still have an issue.

We have had enough of Chisholm and their lack of responsibility. It's time to make a change and start making sure each campus and class has all of the resources it needs. As one of the leading institutes, Chisholm should be putting their students first, however, it feels like Chisholm is putting revenue over students education.

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