Say NO to hosting Bruce Power’s nuclear waste on SON territory!

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Say NO to hosting Bruce Power’s nuclear waste on SON territory!

Today, Nuclear energy is the main source of power in Ontario. According to Bruce Power, over 60% of Ontario’s energy comes from nuclear fuel; Nuclear energy being produced on the ancestral territory of the Chippewas of Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

While we ALL benefit from the power Bruce Power is providing, we must also examine the effects of nuclear fuel waste. Nuclear waste is radioactive and will remain as such for up to 100, 000 years.

Bruce Power has been actively creating a plan for an underground repository to bury the waste, this repository however, may end up on SON lands if we don’t act now. There are 57,000 tonnes of used nuclear fuel that need to be managed in a safe and appropriate way.

Stored underground will be over 1.2 million bundles of used nuclear fuel, as the Bruce Power plant currently holds 1.2 million bundles of ceramic nuclear pellets that fit into tubes, creating the “bundles”.

As Anishinaabek we think critically about decisions we make that will affect the coming children, for seven generations we must think ahead as part of our sacred responsibility.

Think of the children to come, they have no say in the matter and their children will be affected.

Please listen to the youth of our community.

*This petition was created for my final assignment in a Social Justice class. I am from Saugeen and wanted to do my assignment on something relevant to my community and social change I want to see within my community, including the ways we view youth and support their opinions. I am graduating on Wednesday, June 19.

This assignment (this is only part 1) going to help me graduate. This is part of my final assignment. I understand that this petition isn't a direct or immediate action to stop this from happening, but any victory, no matter how small, is a win.

If nobody talks about this, how are we supposed to do anything? And if we as community can't support our youth in the work they do, who are we supporting?

I recognize that I cannot speak for my community, as I am one person alone. Or this petition would be directed at Bruce Power directly.

Ultimately this was an assignment to see what starting change in your own community is like. I know that the work we need to do is beyond petitions. We all have our work.


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