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Stop using bacon in your pinto beans

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As a vegetarian, I’m used to difficulties of finding places to eat and limited menu choices. One of my favorite go-to restaurants is Chipotle, I always ask for extra peppers and onions, and load up on salsas and guacamole.

But there is one question that nags me when I’m standing in line looking at the bins of overflowing taco, burrito or bowl fillings, “Why am I forced to pick the black beans?”

As a carnivore, I would be able to choose from 4 types of meat and 2 types of beans. As vegetarian I should be able to choose from their two types of beans, black or pinto. But wait! The pinto beans are not vegetarian! What?!?

According to Chipotle, they add “a small amount of bacon” to their pinto beans. And although the bacon is used for flavor, pinto beans are easily cooked without bacon and remain flavorful.

If Chipotle took out the bacon from their pinto beans, there are a 5 ways this change would benefit Chipotle and their customers.

1. It would first and foremost decrease Chipotle's costs. Beans only need to be cooked in water with a few spices, so they don’t need to substitute the bacon.

2. It would align with Chipotle's Food With Integrity program, which promotes the health of their sourced meat, but even better, now they would not need to raise so many animals for human consumption (a win-win on many levels).

3. Customers who aren’t vegetarian would not be deceived into eating additional fat (although the amount is negligible) when they think they are trying to add something healthy to their meal.

4. Customers who don't eat pork products for religious or cultural reasons will be offered an additional choice and less worry

5. And finally, the vegetarians of the world will grin ear to ear because they will have an additional choice at a restaurant!

Please sign this petition so Chipotle will hear our collective voice and make a small change with a big impact. Thank you in advance.

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