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To Whom It May Concern,

Speaking on behalf of those who attend Chino Valley school district, I propose the idea of allowing these fellow student to the eligibility of decorating their graduation caps. Graduation is a step into adulthood which allows us to leave our mark on the world, as well as being able to express what we have accomplished. A simple act as to decorating a cap, which symbolizes a major accomplishment of getting through 12+ years of schooling, allows us students to reflect on who we have become over the years. Students are very involved in high school, whether they believe it or not. They all have friends and relatives supporting them through these log, rough times; this simple act would allow those supporters to easily find the desired person amongst the crowd. We as students should be allowed to express ourselves and to make this upcoming moment even more special.

First of all, This simple act of personalization has multiple advantages. We would all be able to show who we are and who we have become over the years. All of these academically trivial years allows a person to discover how they react at times of stress and achievement, which is used later on at their advantage. With this acquired knowledge, students are able to use what they have learned from these tasks to conquer upcoming hardships, and why not express that on a simple cap;this would serve as an ultimate reminder for when times get tough. During high school, seniors understand how rough it can get, some more than others. For some students, senior year is the hardest year to finish strong and this simple act could a piece of motivation. For those who are struggling, this could be one act that would make their senior year one to remember, not forget. Reminiscing on all of their exciting times and what new ones they can have within their final weeks will improve overall effort and excitement. To put it in other terms, imagine having all of these expectations put on you for senior year and seeing them start to follow through up to your junior year. Then, suddenly all of those expectations are taken away and lessened. Now senior year is nothing like others before you have experienced. These students are just looking for one little thing to make their year better than what is has turned out to be. The opportunity to decorate a simple cap they wear upon their head could lift their spirits.

In addition, these student get to stand out of the crowd. We live our average lives in school of conforming to the community and trying to get through the week. During school, most students don’t care about how they look or act since they only care about going home. This opportunity would allow them to show their greatest interests and successes. This would allow every student to see how similar or different they are to others and maybe even start new conversations. Intern, this could lead to creating new relationships that could end up in an entirely new scale, allowing communication to be an improved skill. Our beloved friends and family would also be able to spot us from the crowd. In the midst of the scrambling sea of blue, red, yellow, or white our supporters could easily find us by our caps. This would lead to an ease of anxiety for both them and us knowing they haven’t missed their picture opportunities. All in all, decorating our graduation caps is helpful for both students and parents.

Above all, I am just a student trying to make a change, for I believe this is a missed opportunity. We live our lives of being told who we need to be and what we need to do every day and this small handful of hours allows us to get away from that. It allows us to express who we want to become and what we enjoy doing. Yes, these caps need to fit within a standard of regulations for appropriate reasons. A committee or person could be put in charge of organizing the regulations and making sure students can and will follow them. A system of sending a picture of your decorated cap or showing us in person before the date of graduation, as well as showing us before they walk in the arena. And if they have an inappropriate cap, they would be forced to take off the decoration or change it. Hopefully this has convinced you to allow chino valley school district students to express themselves through their caps on graduation. 


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