STOP The Dog & Cat Meat Trade And END The Yulin Festival Forever

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We the undersigned strongly and respectfully urge the Chinese Government to end the suffering of the thousands of dogs and cats that are brutally tortured and killed annually at the Yulin Festival, now known as The Yulin Solstice Festival. We also bring to your attention the millions of animals that are killed yearly for the dog and cat meat trade. 

We are horrified to witness the brutality to the animals that is a core part of the Yulin Festival and the meat industry.

We firmly believe that is it our responsibility as a collective humanity to stand together and protect all animals from any kind of abuse whatsoever. And we respectfully stand with the Chinese families that have had their pets stolen because of the Yulin Festival.

We are asking the Chinese government to organize and pass legislation that would forever ban the slaughter of dogs and cats in China and create a punishable offence for anyone who is guilty of harsh treatment, confinement, transport, slaughter, neglect - or any form of animal abuse.

WE the undersigned petition to: STOP the Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival and END the dog and cat meat trade forever.

If you are able to contribute to our cause, please visit our GoFundMe page: Thank you for your time and any help you are able to provide.

We urge you to learn more about this barbaric trade and festival.