stop UQ's violent event "Action For Hong Kong and XinJiang!"

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The event on the 24th of July 2019, organized by Drew Pavlou, ended in a violent protest and disturbed  all students who were on site in UQ especially blocked traffic flow. 

The school, unfortunately did nothing in regards to the event and its organization. Instead of preventing the escalation of conflicts  between the protesters and normal Chinese students,  UQ did nothing. We can understand this action as a supporting move to some extent. But we do not accept violence in campus.

As one of the Chinese student studying in Australia, I came to this country for education, peace, and the careful community environment. However, today's protest unveiled the other facet of this school, which I felt strongly discomfort. 

I believe that school should be a place where we can speak whatever we want, and do the things we like if it is not against any laws, we respect the freedom school gives us. Nevertheless, the words we spoke and the action we did should never be a harm to the others; violating others rights and beliefs should never happened in any society.

Therefore, I strongly command the school to give all of the Chinese student an explanation for the protest on the 24th of July.