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Save Yeongjong Island from Fine Dust Pollution!

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Dear Chinese Government,

 Recently, the air pollution that is caused by fine dust has been issued in many countries such as Korea, China, and even Japan. One of the most dangerous problems is that fine dust causes many serious health problems especially to children and the elder, and this has been a very serious problem in our country for years. On this account, representing our school in Yeongjong Island and our country, we request to the Chinese government to reduce fine dust to solve our environmental issues.

 First, we would like to explain why we request these problems and solutions to your government. Fig1 shows the find dust in Yeongjong Island. The Weather Center of Korea warned eight times of fine dust watch. We usually experience the bad air condition especially during April and May. Because of high concentration of fine dust in Yeongjong Island, we cannot enjoy outdoor activities and some students even experience respiratory problem because of the bad air condition. We also often cough and wear masks every day. Furthermore, we were able to see that health is getting worse for people who are old or weak. This is why we are requesting to the Chinese government to solve these serious problems.

  There was a claim that Korea had its own self-pollution cause of fine dusts. However, this study was not reliable since the results were published is the Greenpeace Asia branch in China. Recently, new studies have come out and they said that more than 70 percent of fine dusts were the results from China. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, yearly average of air quality standard in Korea is 50 micro-grams per meter cube and in the spring of each year, Korea’s air pollution level is above the standard. In addition, Fig. 2 shows us how different the quality of air between Seoul and Yeongjong Island is. The number of the fine dust warning is 8 times in Yeongjong Island and 3 times in Seoul from March to July of 2017. It means that Yeongjong Island is hit directly by fine dust and obviously more pollution is concerned. So what causes this fine dust pollution in Korea? Earth scientists explain this phenomenon is caused by the westerly wind, which is caused by the expansion of Yangtze River base. The Northeast China region close to the Korean peninsula is the largest source of air pollution. According to NASA, together with China’s atmospheric environmental experts, Shandong, Hebei and Jiangsu are the top three pollutant origin. If industrial park in these places is removed, we are expecting around 30 percent of fine dust will be removed in Korea. We wish to reduce health problems caused by the fine dust and create cleaner sporting environment to students. Otherwise, we insist that China should take international responsibility on the fine dust pollution. We also claim suitable compensation for the damages from Chinese government.

  Many problems occur due to fine dust in both countries. And the cause of this is mainly because of China. This is because of the westerly wind, which is caused by the expansion of Yangtze River base. The more the Chinese desertification deteriorates rapidly and the numbers of the factory are increased, the more fine dust will come to our country through the westerly wind. To solve fine dusts affecting Korea and to other countries, we suggest that Shandong, Hebei and Jiangsu’s industrial parks should be relocated to different parts of the Chinese country. Then, air pollution will be decreased and South Korea's fine dust will be drastically reduced. Also, many health problems such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease are occurring due to fine dusts. So, we strongly request the Chinese government to take the responsibility on our people’s health and take an immediate action for the sake of other countries including Korea. Furthermore, many people cannot enjoy their free time because of fine dust. They sometimes cannot even take a short walk outside. There shall be lots of problems arising as time goes by. Health issue would be the biggest problems we would need to face. Once again, we ask the Chinese government to take this subject matter seriously.


Sincerely yours,

Students of Incheon Science High School









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