Clean Food for China

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!!!This should not get misinterpreted or misunderstood as a lack of respect for the Chinese Culture and the beautiful Chinese people!!!

Dear Chinese Government, 

since the whole world - gets the full Dosis of the CORONA Virus, we kindly ask you to reform the eating habits of your country.
There is really no need in eating bats, dogs, snakes or pangolins.

I refuse to accept that one of the most modern countries in the world - which made the biggest jump in regards to technology, Infrastructure and economic growth, supports such an backward eating behavior - that brings so much struggle to the rest of the world.

We are not asking to eat kosher or halal - but at least close this unhealthy, not hygienic markets. There are mothers with children out there. 

The Chinese government has the possibility for such an transformation. Over the TV you can also show healthy eating behaviors. There are enough policemen to make sure that those markets get and will stay closed. 

Again dear Chinese people don’t take it as attack on your culture. The world has really a lot of very delicious things to offer. No need for eating wild animals. The whole world freaks out a just because of a few people eating weird stuff. 

Be a little more responsible and if you like - try to be vegetarian �

Love to all of you!!!