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Bear bile has been a growing issue in china for years. It is a cruel and unsafe practice, leaving farmed bears across the country open to disease and fatality as a result of this shameful practice. 

Wild bears are captured and farmed for the purpose of enhancing chinese traditional medicines with their bile, which is extracted in extremely painful and unethical ways - often done by workers with absolutely no veterinary or surgical experience. Wounds are left open on the gall bladder to be not only open to infection but open to the growth of tumours, and self-inflicted wounds from psychological damage. Farmed bears in this industry are shut in cages and left to scratch at their wounds. The psychological effects this can leave is devastating. Many if not all bears are left with broken teeth from biting at the bars of their cage, and cases of extreme anxiety can leave bears rocking back and forth in their cages. There is no concern for animal welfare, and these once majestic creatures are being seen as a tool for money. This treatment can continue for the extent of their lifetime - going on for 20+ years. However, many bears in the industry do not make it this long as they die from infected wounds, tumours, or are killed once their gallbladders cannot produce any more bile. There have been reports of bears committing suicide to prevent their torture anymore. One mother who was being held captive in a remote farm in North-West China broke out of her crush-cage after hearing her cub in distress when a worker wanted open up it's stomach to milk the bile, and after failing to release it hugged the cub before strangling it, then hurling herself headfirst into a wall to end her own life along with her cubs to end their pain. These cases have been documented by websites such as Asia One, and organisations that seek to end the industry of bear bile farming. 

We at Writtle College are calling to raise the welfare standards of bears kept in captivity, while we get closer to reaching our goal of ending bear bile farming entirely. Please like and support our petition so we can reach the Chinese Ambassador to the UK Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the UK. 

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