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Create a Thotbusters TV show, inspired by Ghostbusters back when the Ghostbusters were men

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It is to be taken as axiomatic that ‘If she breathe, she a thot’. This is an axiom of Thotistentialism and simple observation should prove this correct to any observer. My good friend xxxxxx P. xxxxxx extrapolated from this that ‘If she theoretically or actually exist, she a thot’ in his own paper, to be published soon.

Another good friend of mine, xxxx ‘Horseman’ xxxxx, has analytically proven that ‘thot’ and ‘snake’ have the same linguistic meaning. Ergo, thots and snakes are the same thing. Moreover, it is a well-documented fact that goats are the Middle Eastern equivalent of thots. As science has proven that the peoples of the world (and therefore their thots) are all one species with no clear divisions, it follows that snakes and goats are the same species with no clear point at which snake ends and goat begins. Science itself disproves this, however, as goats and snakes do not meet the criteria to be the same species. This contradiction can only be rationalised by positing that the scientific method itself is wrong.

I now refer to the empiricist belief that knowledge of our reality can come only from our senses. As such, the subjective reality of the senses is more ‘real’ than objective reality, which cannot be known or experienced by us. Ergo, the subjective sensory measurements taken in scientific experiments cannot be wrong, so the extrapolations taken from these measurements must be incorrect. If this is true in the goat-snake case, it may be true in other cases as well, so it can never be assumed that the scientific method will work, as there is no guarantee that it will.

The method of extrapolation involved in the scientific method heavily involves Mathematics, which I believe to be the root of the problems with the scientific method. If x = 3, 3x = 2x + 3, so 3x – 9 = 2x – 6, so 3(x-3) = 2(x=3), so 3 = 2, so 1 = 0. As any number can be written as 1x, all numbers can be written as 0x, which is always 0. Ergo, all numbers are 0 and Mathematics is a flawed subject.

If Mathematics, commonly seen as a fundamental subject, is disproven by Thotistentialism, it follows that Thotistentialism is a more fundamental subject than Mathematics. Thotistentialism is inspired primarily by Gender Studies, which makes Gender Studies the true fundamental subject. However, the postmodernist thought present in Gender Studies holds that gender is a social construct and subjective, whereas Thotistentialism holds that gender is objective, as men and thots are clearly separate species of being (an axiom of Thotistentialism derived from observations of men and thots in the wild, which can be verified by any budding thotistentialist making the same observations themselves). The only way to reconcile these two theories is to fill the gap left by removing postmodernism from Gender Studies with another subject. I believe that Sports Science best fills this gap, best exemplified by it’s core axiom “If you can throw the ball this far you’re a man, otherwise you’re a girl”. A girl is a female creature which theoretically or actually exists, and therefore a thot. Ergo, Sports Science enables us to differentiate between the two genders of man and thot, and thereby fill the gap left by removing postmodernism from Gender Studies. This form of inductive logic, as opposed to the mathematical logic of false sciences, shows Sports Science to be a true fundamental subject.

In conclusion, subjects such as Mathematics and the false sciences (such as Biology and Physics) are to be considered fundamentally flawed systems of knowledge. The true fundamental subjects which we are to gain our knowledge from are therefore Sports Science and Gender Studies, with Thotistentialist philosophy serving to direct the two in their search for knowledge.

As a thotistentialist, I desire to dethotify society by creating a TV show that will educate little boys about why all thots must be destroyed. The Chinese State Broadcaster, China Central Television, has been found to be the best broadcaster for this.

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