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Send Wave Must offer alternative to Mpesa

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The National Resistance Movement of Kenya (NRM) has announced the economic boycott of a number of service and consumer companies that have been an accomplice to the election fraud committed against the people of Kenya.

The mobile phone carrier, Safaricom has topped the list of companies that were directly involved in the acts of injustice against the people of Kenya. They colluded with the Jubilee Party and IEBC to rig the elections on August 8th 2017, by irregularly transmitting voting data in contravention of the elections Acts and statutes of Kenya.

The mobile money transfer company "Wave", which is utilized by thousands of Kenyans living in the US, Canada and UK intergrates with the Safaricom mobile money tranfer platform, Mpesa.

It therefore follows that "Wave" users, indirectly do business with Safaricom/Mpesa.

The resistance movement, covers both direct and indirect business interactions with the companies that have been targeted for economic boycott.

We therefore call on Wave to completely sever their business dealings with mpesa and immediately offer an alternative money transfer provider so that members of the NRM in the diaspora may comply with the call for economic boycott against Safaricom.

We will continue to urge the vast majority of our members who use Wave, to seek other methods of transmitting money to their loved ones, until an alternative to Mpesa is added to the Wave platform.

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