Stop Theft At Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center.

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Jay Adams
Jay Adams signed this petition

This petition is to change the lack of security, the amount of theft and the poor locker system at the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre. My wife and I were exploring different facilities for activities to enroll are two sons into. We went to the Landing Leisure Centre for one night to see what kind of programs they had for kids. We also decided we would check out the swimming pool at the same time. They require payment to use their lockers. We paid to use their locker system in the family changing room. When we came back from swimming we were shocked to find our locker was pried open, our wallets, cellphones and some clothing were stolen. We reported to the staff immediately and they had nothing to say about it, only to stare at us with “shoot, not again” looks on their faces. Apparently theft, especially locker break ins is something that happens often at this facility. But the staff does not tell anyone or warn patrons. The staff acts as if it’s something that does not happen. After speaking to others about the theft while were spending two days replacing, restricting and resetting all of our stolen belongings, we learned the locker break ins and thefts are very common with patrons also having their cars stolen with their belongings. But either way, adding extra security measures to know who exactly is coming and going out of the locker rooms, especially the family room, is necessary. Adding a security officer to catch any type of theft or any other crimes on the property is necessary. And at the very least, changing the types of lockers that are used at the swimming pool is absolutely necessary. As the staff and the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center are more than willing to take your money to pay for a secured locker under the false pretense that your belongings will be secure. But when somebody breaks into the locker and steals your belongings they put up their hands and say we’re not responsible for anything that is stolen. At which point they do not even file a police report for you. We had to do call the police ourselves as the staff only file an in-house incident report. If you ask around you’ll find out that these locker break-ins and thefts, including car thefts because of keys being stolen from lockers, are extremely common at this location. Yet the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center still uses the same locker system, they still allow any individual to go into the family change room whether they have a family or not. They do not monitor who goes in and they do not monitor who comes out. They do not change the locker system and they do not have additional security around. Which also means that our children are at risk in our own family change room with the fact anybody can go in there to steal, what stops a person from instead of stealing your belongings, tries to kidnap your child and just walk right past staff with them? When I brought up my concerns after our items were stolen the staff did not want to discuss it and acted as if I was the only person that ever had items stolen. Which is not true. The staff and the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center were unwilling to do anything to help me find or recover my items. And they are not willing to protect the next person. The company, corporate, need to be held responsible for the amount of theft and the vandalism that is happening to patrons there. Especially since we pay for their false protection while they do nothing to protect our belongings. This petition is to force the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center to change, at the bare minimum, to change the locker system so no one else has to go through what many have already. This petition is to change the way they monitor who is coming and going out of the changing rooms, especially the family room. This petition is to have at least one security officer there. What happens when someone walks in while someone is stealing from a locker and they get assaulted? What will it take for the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center to be held accountable for allowing the crimes to continue? The Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre swimming change rooms are unsafe for our belongings and are becoming unsafe for our children. I need your help especially if you had items stolen or vandalized. If you had issues with unsettling individuals that made you feel unsafe to be there. I need your help to increase security, to change the locker system so no more people become victims of this all too often theft. This is supposed to be a child and family friendly environment. A place for people to go and enjoy themselves without having to worry about becoming victims of theft. Without fear of harm to our children. Please I need your help to hold the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center accountable and make them change their lack of security. No matter where you live, if you, a family member or a friend has been a victim of this theft, please sign and share this petition. The Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center needs to be held accountable in some way at least to protect patrons from future crimes.