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Children's Rights in Public Schools: Students, Not Prisoners

Erosion of the rights of children is becoming systematic in the US school system in order to benefit the convenience of the instructors and administrators therein. Children are taught to mindlessly obey to the point where they are forced to shuffle down hallways silently with their hands behind their back or crossed in front of their chests, can have basic rights such as outdoor time (recess) and bathroom privileges revoked, may be openly humiliated by their instructors in front of their peers and more. Both students and parents are openly discouraged from expressing grievances respectfully to their teachers and principals. It's time that we as a nation speak up and get involved, declare that we will no longer tolerate oppression and abuse of children whenever or wherever it occurs.

We, the undersigned, declare our agreement that the following should be the unfailing rights of treatment for public school students:

*The right not to be humiliated or purposefully embarrassed by their instructors or other school staff or administrators.
*The right to be free from corporal punishment by their instructors or other school staff or administrators.
*The right to use the bathroom when they need to, and to be accommodated in this task if necessary due to disability or age (some kindergartners may need assistance, etc).
*The right to daily outdoor time with their peers as well as daily exercise. This is not a "privilege" that is only to be given to the most well-behaved children or the children who get the best grades.
*The right to not be isolated from their peers during instruction and/or as a punishment.
*The right to an instructor who is versed in the needs and rights of children with learning, speech, behavioral, neurological, and/or any other physical or sensory disability impairments.
*The right to an appropriately followed and conducted IEP and/or appropriate services for special needs or disabled students.
*The right to have arms to the side or free while walking through the school so as to maintain their balance.
*The right to speak quietly while walking through a hallway during class hours and at a normal speaking volume during non-class hours.
*The right to freedom of speech so long as the language is non violent and non discriminatory.
*The right to not be exposed to sexual language (related educational courses for high school students is an exception to this, when used appropriately and within a class wide context), advances or abuse

*The right of both students and parents to express grievances to teachers, administrators and other related school or district staff and see an appropriate redress of these grievances (where applicable). A respectful complaint should not be ignored.

*The right to be have any issues of bullying, harassment or abuse from other students addressed in a manner which takes into account the rights of ALL students as listed here.

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