Childrens Mental Health in Education

Childrens Mental Health in Education

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Why this petition matters

The problem that we are currently facing within the Education system in the UK, is that children are suffering with their Mental Health, because there is too much pressure being put them on them regarding the curriculum. Too much too soon!

Every year, the Government are increasing the standards of what the children need to learn, which is then having an impact on mental health in young children/adolescences. Students are seen as numbers/statistics and not people.

As of July 2021 statistics show that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 5 - 16 are identified as having mental health problem and 7% of children attempt suicide by the age of 17. 

The change of curriculum, now means that all children must undergo SATs in Year 3 and Year 6. In these new SAT's the expected level is set to be a score of 100, with scores ranging from 80 - 120. Any score above 100 is regarded as a pass and under is classed as a fail. So in other words, this is setting the future generation to fail.

Looking at a recent article online - done by the BBC headlining, 'Children's mental health: Huge rise in severe cases, BBC analysis reveals.' This was published on the 4th February 2022. In this article the latest statistics are absolutely shocking, showing that there has been a rise of 77% of children needing specialist treatment for severe mental health. Some 409,334 under 18s were referred to the NHS in England for specialist care for issues such as suicidal thoughts and self harm between April and October 2021. 

In this article the Government are proposing to implement plans to have 400 mental health teams by 2023 - In the UK there are 32,028 schools which is by no means not enough support, more support is needed. The Government previously announced that there would be funding of £500 million, which has now been reduced to £79 million to help combat mental  health. 

Did you know that, 70% of children experience at least one traumatic event before the age of 16. If this one event is not addressed promptly, this could lead to depression and anxiety later in life. which statics show is now around 1 - 4 adults experiencing depression and anxiety, with 5, 691 registered deaths by suicide in 2019 - this is equating to on average 18 suicides per day in the country! 

The problem that we are currently facing is that there is not enough awareness being taught in within the community about ACES. They often go unnoticed and or are brushed under the carpet, with an approach that they child will get over it. Well with the statics shown, this clearly is not the case and children become adults who don't know how to self regulate.

What are ACES you may ask? well its one of the following...

  • domestic violence 
  • parental abandonment
  • a parent with a mental health condition
  • being a victim of abuse (physical, sexual and emotional)
  • being a victim of neglect
  • a member of the household being in prison
  • substance abuse within the household
  • a parent with a chronic illness and not able to cater for child's needs


Research shows that in Nordic countries like Finland and Sweden, there are children that are thriving with the current Education System. The Children start school when they are 7 years old and is child-lead. There is minimal testing, the curriculum is not extensive and there is not heaps of home work to rob them of their childhood. The statics show, the success of their approach, after all numbers speak volumes, right? They are currently ranking the highest in all of the EU countries, in regards to education and mental health in children and young people. As a result, the children within this region are more content and fulfilled, causing them to be part of a stable and wealthy country! 

We, the UK, could take a leaf out of their book. The Nordic countries have a fail proof system that has been working over a decade. 

So then, this brings the question... how much longer can we let this carry on? or you might already be asking yourself, what do we need to do to amend this, how can I help?  Well, this is one of many steps and possibly a good place to start! We have a voice right? There is power in numbers, when a larger number of the population come together for the greater-good, we the people, who reside in the UK can make a cause for change for our future generation and make an impact! We should not be fobbed off by the Government but ensure that they do what they say that they will do and not the bare minimum. 

As the current system stands, if it were to go on much longer, the system would ultimately fail the children or even worse, cause them to not want to be here any longer and loose the children. We need a curriculum that integrates mental health practise and makes it a priority. Teaching children how to self regulate through mindfulness and other tangible methods.  

In order to be considered by the Government, there is a requirement of 10,000 signatures to even get a response. However, the aim is for the law to change regarding the curriculum, for this to be even up for debate in the Houses of Parliament, there is a requirement of 100,000 signatures.

Make yours count!

220 have signed. Let’s get to 500!