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The circumcision of children should be immediately banned!

Circumcision is a violation of child’s body and that circumcision is not about the freedom of the parents of a child in cutting and injuring a part of the body of their child but is only a religious act with religious motivation and has no medical, scientific and rational justification. Children have no religion and should be protected from any physical, spiritual and religious encroachments.
The Children First Now Organization has been campaigning to ban circumcision for many years. We believe that the Cologne court’s ruling is the modern society’s response in defending children's rights and opposing any physical and mental encroachment upon them.
Fortunately today the movement against the practice of circumcision of boys in the world is expanding. We invite all children’s rights organizations who are against circumcision, especially in Islam-stricken countries, to join to this important movement.

Children First Now
International Campaign for Children's Rights

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  • The circumcision of children should be immediately banned!

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