Children with disability deserve equal access to education

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That's me and my beautiful son, Nate, who lives with level 3 autism, epilepsy and ADHD. He is fed externally via a stoma in his stomach and due to advanced autism, needs one-on-one support all the time. Nate deserves the same education as another 5 y/o kid. But right now there aren’t enough special options pathways for children with disability.

I’m calling on our state Education Minister to upgrade special options pathways and disability units so all children can access education. We need more special options across Australia.

In just the northern suburbs of greater Adelaide, nearly 50 children this year are awaiting special options placements because there isn’t enough capacity. This means these children are going to mainstream schools where the teachers don’t have the capacity to give the attention that kids like my son need. Everybody loses in such a scenario - the teachers are overworked and burn out faster, the education of the ‘neurotypical’ kids in class is hampered and disabled kids don’t get the support they need.

Having a child with complex needs comes with its own challenges, but it shouldn’t be this difficult to get school placements. It is a long, tedious process to assess kids but an unnecessary one if there aren’t enough places. There are lots of parents facing a similar struggle like mine. 

My little man is not less than anyone and deserves the same education as his peers. Please sign and share this petition calling on all state governments to increase disability units and special options pathways so every child has equal access to education.


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