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Children with disabilities

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Children all over America with disabilities are discriminated against every day whether it be a physical or mental handicap. Many children requiring a bit more in care are being dismissed at the discretion of care centers that must adhere to federal laws and have federal assistance if needed to utilize for training or otherwise. They are bound by these federal laws to not discriminate and make "reasonable" accommodations yet many do not even make the attempt and even treat these children negatively. This is unfair to children that have dual working households or need to be at certain centers in order to take advantage of early intervention programs. This is unfair to any child discriminated against for something they can't help nor fully understand. Kyle's law would further add on to the existing laws calling for unbiased decisions to be made by the state whether if reasonable accommodations can or can not be met before any child can be removed. When the decision is left solely up the the daycare, it is never in the child's favor. As it is a parent can contact others for unbiased reports and challenge a care center's decision but it should not come to that as many centers just don't even try. In addition, many parents do not know their rights. The goal is to set a precedent for inclusion as the norm. Many of these children can be accommodated and more easily than one would think. They deserve to be included in every way possible by the world around them. What if this was your child?

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