The Fair Deal Standards Bill

The Fair Deal Standards Bill

November 24, 2017
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Started by CLU

We find this truth to be self-evident;

That all children are created equal.

That they are endowed by their Creator;

With certain inalienable rights;

That among those rights are parental safety bridges to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And in swampy voids without those bridges, death, bandages, and drains of despair.

What if makers cared about the children of separation and divorce as much as other children? Well, thank God that a few of us finally do.

Endowed Chair Dr. Brené Brown of the University of Houston says that, “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued...”

Fair Deal Standards would finally mean that children could be seen, heard, and valued by the authors of their lives during the negotiations in divorce court contracts because it would place an age limit on children before they could be allowed in those contracts. And instead, children would have their own customized child safety file (all rights, responsibilities, and interpretations reserved for specialized Clean Law™).

Since children are old enough to drive a car on the road in-between the ditches by the age of 16, then they are able to navigate through a swampy divorce by the time that they reach the age of 16. Prior to 16, they would have their own specialized safety file to endure their safety while their parents remain in family court "fighting files." Child safety files can walk hand-in-hand with "fighting files" throughout.

Fair Deal Standards opens the door to a new chapter in America. A chapter for superstates. A chapter where children are treated like human beings and no longer treated like property in the terms of those deals. A chapter of next generation safety with this scientific breakthrough.

Fair Deal Standards would exponentially reduce the amount of pain and suffering that these children have endure in the short-term. And in the long-term, Fair Deal Standards would benefit society because these children would then grow up knowing that they are valued and not meant to fall through the cracks for leverage.

As classical divorce court "fighting file" gets thicker and thicker over years and years, then the more and more that children are torn and know the feeling of being left out to fall by the authors of their lives. As their entire lives are being diced up on the chopping block like a tomato, these unrepresented children fall through a hole in the chopping block like a seed feeling more and more isolated, more and more unseen, more and more pressed, more and more unheard, more and more misplaced, more and more unvalued.

With unfair deals, no matter how they look, they're never seen by the authors of their lives. No matter how loud they cry, they're never heard. No matter how much pain they feel, they're never given so much as a band aid. In fact, the longer and the thicker that these divorce court "fighting files" become, then the more shushed and the more pain that these children endure. This is the poisonous bite of unfair dealing makings.

The Fair Deal Standards Bill would protect children in this sub-par system by adding age limits before they can enter. Then, children could be placed in the state-of-the-art child safety files which move hand-in-hand with fighting files along the disassembly line. After all, we put bike lanes next to car lanes. We put child safety seats next to adult car seats. We even put happy meals next to value meals. So, why not child safety files right next to fighting files? That's a no-brainer.

Fair Deal Standards would protect the most vulnerable children in our society by not allowing them to be a part of divorce court contracts, or in the supervoid of the "double diabolical super divisive psychological warfare machine," until they reach the age of either 14 for an amicable divorce, or the age of 16 for a contentious divorce. Many adults are not equipped to survive the unfair dealing standards in state family court themselves.

If anyone believes that state family courts are safe and humane for children, then they can take the Void Challenge. Be the unseen, unheard, unvalued, table-less, chair-less, unrepresented, partiless  (as in Plaintiff, Defendant, etc.), and ungraded term of two opposing fighting parties. These voids are hidden dangers that only these children face. And they're not safe.

Or, anyone can take the Void Challenge another way. If a child goes to kindergarten and never has a teacher, is never seen, never heard, never has a desk, and is never graded, then we can understand their chances of graduating.

Why don’t we just leave kids out of school like family court, and just hire teachers?

Or, anyone can take the Void Challenge when they are sick by having two other people go to the doctors and a third doctor can decide which of those two doctors are correct to see how long it takes them personally to get well. Do you see the impossible disconnect for children to endure?

Why don’t we just leave people out of hospitals, and just hire doctors?

Or, you can take the Void Challenge when you are discouraged, and let two other people go to a counselor and get cases started and a third counselor can ping-pong as hard as they can those two counselors around and around back and forth to see how long it takes you to get better. Do you see the voided out children?

Why shouldn't children have a safe place in this division equation?

Or, if an egg is on a nest, then another hen and another rooster can go to a third chicken and ping-pong the hen and rooster back and forth until one of them drops out to see how long it takes for the egg to hatch. Do you see the problem "growing up" in these voids?

Fair Deal Standards would enable these children to float along safely through life while their Titanic of mom and dad bounce around and around back and forth into each other and through the catastrophic ice burgs.

Because children are always fragile, parents deserve to float, and there's no line between justice and injustice in state family courts. Please contact your US Congress member today and ask them to support a Fair Dealing Standards Bill.


Children have always been involved in the separation of their parents. This is nothing new. But due to the convenience of "no-fault" divorce and the industrialization of those separations to the maximum since the late 20th century, the nature of these experiences has changed. For children, it went from something that grown-ups can help them handle to a severely divisive diabolical psychological warfare machine that no grown adult can safely navigate alone. Fair dealings would not let children go there.

Many groups have developed recently for their safety. They claim that a divorce should be handled more like a surgery than a mud throwing contest. Truly innocent parents and children at CLU ( in Decatur, IL say that being unrepresented due to financial constraints when another parent is represented feels like being in an open void underneath of a waterfall for as long as the case is open and then beyond.

Children must feel like being in two open voids underneath of two waterfalls for as long as state family divorce cases are open and beyond. And US Census statistics confirm that these children are almost three times as likely to have educational issues, behavioral problems, early teen pregnancies, imprisonments, etc.

There was a time when children were abused as factory workers in America and sometimes worked 70 hours a week with no mandatory breaks. It took decades to outlaw child labor. It was not easy and did not have as many safety groups in place  to prove what was going on as those for children of state family court do today.

By 1899, 28 states had passed legislation to regulate child labor. And many attempts were made to pass federal child labor laws. The US Congress passed two laws, in 1918 and 1922, but the Supreme Court deemed both of them unconstitutional. In 1924, Congress proposed a constitutional amendment against child labor, but the states did not ratify it.

Then, in 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. It fixed a minimum age of 16 for children to be able to work during school days, 14 for certain jobs after school, and 18 for dangerous work. Similar standards exist for children being inside of an automotive vehicle. The family court vehicle can be disastrous. Especially without monitoring those children inside of it.

Today all states and the US government have regulations on child labor. These regulations for the most part have civilized the evils of children working in factories.

There should be an age limit for child in state family court cases in order to protect them from recklessly divisive inhumane treatment. There should be an age limit before children can enter in as the terms of a divorce court contract. Where they can be unconscionably used as leverage back and forth like property. It is currently free to barter time with children by trickery, false accusations, fraudulent orders of protection, gaming, spinning, twisting the facts, negotiating like for a car by kicking the tires, and then being written into terms of those deals likewise without being seen, heard, or valued. If the Fair Deal Standards Bill would pass the United States Congress, then it would open the door for this true scientific breakthrough of child safety for those counties who pioneer this most modern and civilized movement.

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