Government's Dirty Little Secret for Children under it's Care

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I’ve been working with children within social services in Calgary for over a decade. Children in the care of the Government being “placed” in hotel rooms and homeless shelters is not just a horror story that takes place in other provinces, it’s happening in Alberta currently in 2018. As a former caseworker for the government and as a Family Support Worker I’ve worked with countless children who have been “placed” in homeless shelters, not as a last resort, but as an easy alternative to providing care or services. Children as young as 13 who have cognitive and behavioral issues and are unable to provide for themselves are being "placed" in homeless shelters where they can sleep but then are turned out to the streets from morning until evening despite freezing temperatures and being unable to fend for themselves. no school, no support, no supervision. Children deserve better. Homeless shelters should NEVER be a placement option for children under Government care and should only be accessed as a absolute LAST RESORT!

Please support this petition and demand our Government including the Child Advocate address their dirty little secret and provide better care to Alberta's children who are under Government Authority.Children under Government Care being placed in homeless shelters as an easy alternative for a "placement"  instead of receiving proper care and services is a very real issue in Alberta.