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Make corporal punishment towards children illegal in NSW

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Photo Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies

Corporal Punishment towards children by parent/guardians to be made illegal in NSW. Child rights are human rights, they don't deserve to be physically punished for petty actions. Speak up for the vulnerable children out there.

If a child cannot comprehend why they’re wrong through verbal reasoning, they won’t be able to understand why they’re being hit either. 

Currently corporal punishment towards children by parents and/or guardians is legal in the state of NSW. Physical punishment is not treated as child abuse unless it is deemed “unreasonable”.

“The Crimes Amendment (Child Protection-Physical Mistreatment) Act 2001 (NSW) states that force applied to any part of the head or neck of a child or to any other part of the body that results in bruising, marking or other injury lasting longer than a “short period” is unreasonable. “ - Australian Institute of Family Studies

Regulations such as these acknowledge the obvious physical damage done to the child however fail to acknowledge the psychiatric and psychological damage. Studies have found that children who receive corporal punishment are more prone to aggression as well as mental health issues.

Physical punishment does not create reason within the child, it creates fear. Hitting a child doesn't discipline and create respect for the parent. The child will listen to them as a result of fear NOT respect. 

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