PPE for Primary Care Practices in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

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Dear Hospital and Health System Leaders,

Medical professionals risk their lives on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response effort – and our primary care teams face an exceptionally dire situation. We are calling on you now to collaborate with primary care practices to appropriately order and allocate personal protective equipment (PPE).

If primary care offices do not have PPE and are forced to close, hospitals and emergency rooms will be flooded. In order to serve patients at the first line of care, we need to protect the providers in the community. We must work together to solve the desperate medical supply shortage in primary care practices NOW. You have the power to help us. We urge you to act immediately.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Allow practices to participate in PPE orders that the hospital is placing – This strategy has worked in other areas. Private practices are not able to order in quantities that manufacturers distributing PPE require. We are asking to be added on to orders placed by the local hospitals to help supply us with the amount of equipment we need.
  • Provide facilities for PPE exchange and drop offs – In order to correctly distribute supplies to the community, having a centralized place to exchange PPE is essential. These locations will be used to collect supplies from organizations as well as redistribute supplies out to the community.
  • Share information on resources where PPE is successfully ordered – With an overwhelming amount of resources offering PPE for purchase, practices are struggling to know where to purchase supplies that meet industry standards and arrive in a timely manner. You have the ability to share information so community providers are informed.

Each day that you wait to establish a plan for redistribution of PPE to primary care providers in our tristate area, you risk overwhelming and flooding your emergency rooms. We are ready to work together to make sure our providers are protected and our patients are cared for. Please act now.


Sandy Chung, MD

Dianna Abney, MD